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Lend me your dream de Pauline Puyenchet



Diving into the heart of others’ dreams, night after night, meddling into their minds in order to understand who they are, that is Molly’s gift. Nevertheless, it is not easy for a teenager who has so much to find out about herself to harness this great power, revealing people’s deeper secrets.


Losing herself, being overwhelmed by the phenomenon, feeling inadequate, learning to manage her power to help relatives… Those are the different steps which have paved Molly’s extraordinary destiny.

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12 juillet 2019





1 avis pour Lend me your dream de Pauline Puyenchet

  1. Monique

    I really liked the French version of this novel. Written a bit like a television series, it describes the cruel world of teenagers, but also its potential, through Molly’s extraordinary power.
    Good luck to Molly and her friends, I hope they will please many readers.

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